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Procedure to request extraordinary services of security in events organised in the University of Alicante


  1. The/the Director/to of the Unit organiser or responsible to authorise an event will send this form to this E-mail, with an antelación minimum of 7 days to the day of the celebration of this. The sending of the application with an antelación of 7 days justify by the need to organise the security of the event with the main quality, allowing than whenever it was possible there is not cost any additional for the unit organiser.
  2. In the writing of application will detail the relation and due schedule of the activities of the event that have needs of security. Excepcionalmente, will admit applications sent in an inferior term to 7 days when they are justified by the needs of organisation protocolaria of the assistance of external authorities to the UA.
  3. The Technical Commission of Security, in an of his weekly ordinary meetings, will proceed to determine the measures of pertinent security. In the case that it was necessary to resort to extraordinary services of surveillance, the unit organiser of the event will be the one who assume the cost.
  4. The Office of Security will send by writing the measures approved by the Technical Commission of Security to the: Vicerrectorado competent in matter of security and to the Technical Office.
  5. In coordination with the Vicerrectorado competent in matter of security, the Office of Security will answer to said application.

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