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Amparo Navarro Faure, Vice President for Research, Development and InnovationAs the person responsible for the Office for Research & knowledge Transfer, I myself and my team have decided to work toward a high-quality University, which has as one of its priorities, to develop an intense research activity that contributes to the generation and transfer of knowledge.

To ensure the performance of research activities in suitable conditions, both strong support for the already formed research groups and the promotion and consolidation of emerging research groups are essential. Consequently, they have to provide infrastructure and the required funding, both through the development of the University's own programmes and by enhancing external resources. Access to large international projects requires new organizational research models that will allow the obtaining of resources to develop high quality research, with appropriate safeguards.

The Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library is a clear example of the applicability of the tools provided by information and communication technology to do research in the humanities and by the digital library model development. As a vehicle for the dissemination of Hispanic culture with a guarantee of scientific rigor, it is also a research centre for the application of new technological tools.

The research and management activities carried out by the academic and research staff must have the appropriate recognition in the future Comprehensive Organizational Plan, on which to base the future staffing model.

The creation project of a science park which, due to its relevance, has been the object of an intense thought process in recent years, has significant enough identity to become one of the leading generators of progress and scientific, technical and business development of our environment. The building of the science park requires a collaborative effort between various social agents, leading to finally design an action plan to analyze its viability, in terms of resources for its implementation, the start-up time cycles and the different ways in which a substantial part of the research work generated at our university should be anchored.

Amparo Navarro Faure

Vice President for Research & Knowledge Transfer



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