Rosa Mª Martínez Espinosa

Vice President for International Relations and Development Cooperation

The University of Alicante (UA) has among its objectives to project its integral, innovative and sustainable university model towards the future, consolidating its strengths and improving the necessary aspects to achieve excellence in internationalization, in all spheres of action of a higher education institution. As a leading international University, the UA has committed itself to supporting all the groups that comprise it through the following actions: improvement of the management aspects of educational provision, increase in Degree and Master courses taught in foreign languages (mainly English), optimization of personalized attention to students and the development of training, evaluation and stimulation processes for academic, research and administrative staff regarding internationalization. These actions are reflected in the calls, procedures and scholarships that the Office for the Vice-President for International Relations and Development Cooperation offers to university community.

From my position in this Office, the first challenge is to recover mobility flows after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In parallel, I am determined to consolidate the internationalization of the UA in the European context, as well as promote global internationalization as a UA strategic axis in search of relations with outstanding universities and research centers that allow us to take a qualitative leap in internationalization, positioning the UA in relevant positions in the main international rankings. Likewise, among the objectives of this Office for the coming years are: the promotion of PDI and PAS mobility, improvement of the funding for student mobility stays and promotion the activities for development cooperation at an international level, making the UA an international benchmark in international cooperation based on the development of SDGs.