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- Generate a space of meeting and debate on the historical and current reality of the women Romanís, that allow us enter changes, realise strategies and learn.

- Visibilizar And give to know the speech of the feminism Romaní from a punto interseccional and decolonial.

- Create a space of intercultural dialogue on the diversity that favour the introduction of the feminism Romaní inside the institutional Diary and of the NGO's Feminist.

- Promote the academic production and the generated from the feminist activism Romaní and create spaces of exchange of experiences and dialogue between both spheres.

- Improve and establish networks and alliances inside and out of the feminist movement romaní

- Promote the participation and the sum of synergies with the fabric asociativo gipsy that wish it in the own organisation of the Days.

- Promote the participation and the sum of synergies with students gitanxs university that wish it.

People Addressees

- University community in general.

- Institutions and Ong's that work inside the field of the feminism and the education of gender

- People romanís, especially women, involved or no inside the activism romaní

- Professionals that work the Equality, Social Services, Education and any another professional profile that was in contact with the Gipsy Community in his quehacer professional.

Thematic and brief blocks description

- Evolution of the Feminist Thought Romaní.

Brief historical route by the history of the feminist resistance romaní from the creation of networks of %u201Csororidad%u201D informal to the movement institutionalised.

- Workshops:

With the end to deepen in some questions and give a more practical character to the sessions, will realise four workshops that will have the following title and thematic.

Workshop 1.- Feminism, the violences of gender and sororidad

Workshop 2.- Racism anti-romaní and romafobia of gender.

Workshop 3.- Strategies and alliances with other minorities. The interseccionalidad and the decolonialismo.

Workshop 4.- Image of the woman romaní in the Average

- The Cultural Debate on the Feminism Romaní.

Women Romanís of the field of the art, the academic and the culture will debate on the perception of the feminism Romaní inside and out of the community, the discrimination interseccional, the change and the identities of resistance.

- The Feminist Movement and New Challenges.

The feminist movement Romaní is in continuous process of enrichment and change. Constitute a speech inclusivo, decolonised and interseccional requires to tackle some subjects that can result difficult to treat inside the community kalí but that require of an answer organised and own.

- Men and gipsy feminist.

Gipsy men allies of the feminist movement that break topical and stereotypes on the population romaní. These mates support and help to the acceptance normalised of the equity of gender inside the community, establishing as well as ones of the best allies against the romafobia, the antigitanismo and the inequality of gender.

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