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Days pride 2016

Of the 15 to 23 July celebrate the Party of the Diversity

_______________________FRIDAY 15 OF JULIO_______________________

12h.- Institutional act of placing Flag Arcoíris.

Place: Blue Living room of the City council of Alicante.

19h.- Exhibition of drawings "Little Dave"

Author: David Cantero.

Place: Bar Live the Pepa (Square Brothers Pascual).


Of the 15 of Julio to the 23 of Julio, from the 21h, projection in the screens of the Claustro of the photographic Exhibition %u201CThe Pride Alicante are you%u201D

______________________SATURDAY 16 OF JULIO________________________

23'30h.- Proud parties in distinct pub's of the city:


_______________________MONDAY 18 OF JULIO _______________________

12'30h.- Institutional act in memory of the victims of Orlando.

Place: Provincial Deputation of Alicante.

______________________TUESDAY 19 OF JULIO ______________________

20h.- Round table "diverse Sex, and sure".

They take part:

Speaking on New practical: Chemsex: Dr. Josefina Belda (Unit of Prevention of the Sida and Infeccions of Sexual Transmission, Conselleria of Sanitat Universal i Salut Public)

Speaking on How warn and treat: Prophylaxis: Dr. Pablo Saiz of the Hoya (Medical specialist in HIV-Sida)

Speaking on sexual Relations between women and how protect: Mar Fernández (Sexólogos without borders)

Place: Saint University Headquarters Fernando (C/ Saint Fernando, 40).

22h.- Pride of Cinema

Bifilms: Short films on bisexuality.

Projection of the film: "Of girl to girl", directed by Sonia Sebastián.

Place: Square Gabriel Looked.

______________________WEDNESDAY 20 OF JULIO______________________

19'30h.- "All the families matter"

Workshops of Muixeranga, pintacaras, cuentacuentos, music, globoflexia, sweet...

Place: Walk Federico Soto (in front of El Corte Inglés).

_______________________THURSDAY 21 OF JULIO________________________

20h.- Participatory workshop: "Affectivity, ¿an urban legend?"

To charge of Virginia Dénia and Isabel Álvarez (Trench LGTB).

Place: Building 'The Claustro' (beside Concatedral of Saint Nicolás).

22h.- Pride of cinema

Short on the reality trans

Projection of the film "Tomboy", directed by Céline Sciamma.

Place: Square Gabriel Looked

_______________________FRIDAY 22 OF JULIO_______________________

19h - 21h.- "More voices understand"

Program of radius, with photocall to do you your more diverse photo, issued in direct by Artegalia.

Place: terrace of the Pub Cannibal (Walk of the Esplanade of Spain, 25).

19'30h.- Presentation of the graphic novel "TRANSito", of David Cantero

Place: Bookshop Pynchon&Co. (C/ Poet Quintana, 37).

_______________________SATURDAY 23 OF JULIO_______________________

19'30h.- Demonstration "Visibilitat Bisexual in the Diversitat"

Going out from the Square of the Luceros the demonstration will go out to visit the Alicante streets showing his respect to the equality in the diversity, culminating in the Square of the City council of Alicante.

21h.- Self-evident and Party Arcoíris

With performances of the most diverse and amused with animation, gogós and a lot of surprises.

Presented and made pleasant by: Víctor M. Sánchez and Lady G.

Dj MIA, Dj Lucía Ponce, Dj Jess Set, Channing Dj, Group Lolobar (Gipsy Feminists by the Diversity), Lady G, and other performances for confirming.

Place: Square of the City council of Alicante



With the SPONSORSHIP of: City council of Alicante; Universitat d'Alicante; Consell Juventut d'Alicante

They COLLABORATE: Provincial Deputation of Alicante; Trichera LGTB (Saint Vicente of the Raspeig); LGTB Crevillent; LGTB MARIola; FELGTB; Gipsy Feminists by the Diversity; Sexólogos without borders; Unit of Prevention of the Sida and other ITS (UPS and ITS); Artegalia Irradiate; CC.OO.; UGT

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