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sexual diversity support program



1. Promote safe and attentive surroundings to the welfare and needs of the community LGBT+ of the University of Alicante.

2. Develop programs of sensitisation and university training in matter of no discrimination and sexual orientation.

3. Create networks of collaboration with public institutions, private and associations interested in the promotion of the no discrimination by sexual orientation.



• Support to the specific needs of the university community LGBT+.

• Support to the administrative needs of the people transexuales university in processes of treatment and adaptation.

• Realisation of formative campaigns and of sensitisation on the affective diversity-sexual.

• Collaboration with social entities LGBT+ of the province of Alicante.

• Collaboration with centres of education no university for the prevention of the LGBTfobia.

• Collaborate with the centres of education no university in performances of accompaniment to the alumnado LGBT+ in his transition to the University.

• Collaborate with centres of education no university for the development of the program of mentoring LGBT+.

• Promote the university volunteering in associations LGBT+.


Office of the Vice President of Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Equality

Vicerrectorado de Responsabilidad Social, Inclusión e Igualdad
Universidad de Alicante
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Alicante (Spain)

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