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A new Sustainable Development Agenda 2013 was adopted by Members States of the United Nations on September 2015. This adoption includes a set of 17 Aims of Sustainable Development (ODS) to end the poverty, fight inequality and protect environment.

The ODS present a set of strategic lines to contribute to a sustainable world-wide development that can be taken into account by organisations, company and citizenship. State Universities, as a great social entities, play a lead role in supporting under each dimensions of this agenda: education, researcher, and knowledge transfer.


The University, throughout his strategy of Social Responsibility, has the capacity to:

- contribute to the social achievements framed in the ODS,

- create and strengthen public and private alliances with the third sector and the citizenship, and

- generate applicable scientific evidence in order to improve effectiveness of actions to reach the ODS.

The University of Alicante has a firm commitment to the Global Development Strategy and our Social Responsibility Project will be set together with the Global Project of becoming a fairer, juster and sustainable world. These actions have been designed to reach this aim from the innovation; social participation; knowledges and skills, developed by universities to have impact in the society.

The UA is a Global Compact partnership in order to align with the international and national networks that consider ODS Strategy as an activity framework to move towards sustainable development.







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