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The Law Society Services of the Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) site states that all public institutions must be available before December 31 2005 Web accessibility is to facilitate access to information without any limitation based on disability and/or connectivity. While many of the people accessing our website may have some difficulties, including hearing impairment, mobility visionandhis, reading or comprehension difficulties, difficulties in using the ratóny/or keyboard, connectivity problems in text-only browser, small screen, slow connection, etc. .-.

In this context, with the aim of avoiding barriers that impede the access, the University of Alicante, via the Web Committee, called for support for all managers in the websites of the university community.

In this regard, ú ; Nicas guidelines that can make it easier to get your web pages more accessible, taking into account the limitations that offers Composer, are explained in the following document:

· Annex accessibility , Annex corporate image (Jan'09)
· Versió n 1 (Jun'07)

Committee Web

Web Institucional has the mission of maintaining the institutional website of the University of Alicante. This Committee, led by the Offices of the Vice Presidents for Institutional Relations and for Technology and Educational Innovation Educational Innovation, emphasizes its proactive nature and its decision-making skills in order to upgrade the University of Alicante's Corporate Website to the highest level of functionality, visibility and services.

Institutional web

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