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Thursday, November 16th (Salón de actos de la Escuela Politécnica Superior de Alicante)

09:00 h. Registration

09:30-10:00 h. Presentation.

10:00-11:00 h. Meeting talks (session I: Case studies 1 )

1. D.L. Galloway. Earth Fissures and Surface Faults Accompanying Aquifer-System Compaction and Land Subsidence in the USA.

2. D. Carreón-Freyre, M. Cerca, R. Gutiérrez-Calderón, C. Alcántara-Durán, F. Centeno-Salas. Mapping and characterisation of ground fracturing in Mexico City

3. P. Teatini, S. Ye. A world map of ground ruptures due to groundwater pumping.

 11:00-11:20 h. Coffee break

 11:20-13:00 h. Meeting talks (session II: Characterization and modelling of earth fissures)

1. Riquelme, R. Tomás, M. Cano, J.L. Pastor. Potential use of 3D datasets for the analysis and monitoring of earth fissures.

2. J.L. Pastor, J. Mulas, R. Tomás, G. Herrera, J.A. Fernández-Merodo, M. Béjar, L. Jordá, J.C. López Davalillos, R. Aragón, R.M. Mateo. Geotechnical characterization and mapping of two earth fissures appeared in the Guadalentin Valley after the September 2012, 28th flooding.

3. G.H. Ochoa-González, D. Carreón-Freyre, A. Franceschini, M. Cerca, P. Teatini. Stress / strain analysis caused by groundwater pumping in the faulted basin of Queretaro, Mexico. Insights from a 3D FE groundwater flow and geomechanical modelling approach.

4. S. Ye, A. Franceschini, Y. Zhang, C. Janna, X. Gong, J. Yu, P. Teatini. Earth fissures caused by extensive aquifer exploitation in China and a novel approach to model earth fissure.

5. M. Frigo, M. Ferronato, D. Carreon-Freyre, S. Ye, D. Galloway, P. Teatini. Parametric FE-IE modeling analysis on factors controlling ground ruptures due to groundwater pumping

 13:00-15:00 h. Lunch

 15:00-16:20 h. Meeting talks (session III: Case studies 2)

1. N. kakar, D. Mohammad kakar, A.S.Khan, S.D. Khan. Land Subsidence and Earth Fissures Caused by Groundwater Exploitation in Quetta valley, Pakistan.

2. M. Cerca, D. Carreón-Freyre, R. Gutiérrez-Calderón, P. López-Quiroz, C. Alcántara-Durán, F. Centeno Salas. Impact of the 19th September 2017 earthquake on slip of ground fractures related to land subsidence in Mexico City.

3. D. Solano-Rojas, E. Havazli, E. Cabral-Cano, S. Wdowinski. Triggering of ground subsidence related faults in Mexico City by the Mw8.2 Chiapas and the Mw7.1 Puebla, September 2017 earthquakes.

4. R. Gutiérrez-Calderón, D. Carreón-Freyre, M. Cerca, C. Alcántara-Durán, F. Centeno Salas. Subsidence and fracturing in the municipality of Iztapalapa, Mexico City. Ten years of the Geological Risk Assessment Center.

 16:20-17:00 h. Round table

 17:00 h. Closing session


Friday, November 17th

09:30 h. Departure from the University of Alicante.

11:00 h Visit to the Totana earth Fissure (Valle del Guadalentín).

13:00 h Meal.

15:00 h Visit to the Puerto Lumbreras earth fissure (Valle del Guadalentín).

18:00 h Arrival to Alicante.





Workshop on Mechanisms, Monitoring and Modeling Earth Fissure Generation and Fault Activation Due To Subsurface fluid exploitation (M3EF3)

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