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Showering Smartly is a study led by the University of Surrey (School of Hospitality and Tourism Management) and the researchers involved are: Professor Xavier Font and Phd Researcher Pablo Pereira-Doel.


This research aims to explore the effectiveness of persuasive communications to encourage hotel guests to behave more pro-environmentally during their stay, specifically their shower behaviour, leading to a reduction of water and energy consumption and the carbon emissions linked to heating water. To achieve this aim, covert field experiments in hotel/hostel contexts are proposed during a 8-month period (1st February – 30th September 2019).
The experiments involve using different persuasive messages in several rooms. In particular, the research 1) uses simple decision rules in two types of persuasive messages encouraging saving water (selfless or selfish focus), 2) considers low and high inconvenience contexts (e.g. how easy/difficult is to save water for the guest), and 3) the effect of giving or not real-time feedback during showers through a smart water-saving device, the Aguardio Solution (
In addition, the Aguardio Solution allows assessing the effect of the persuasive messages on water consumption by continuously measuring and storing data like water runtime, flow interruption, motion detection (e.g. time gap between the tap is opened and the individual enters the shower), temperature and humidity.

This study is applied in diffeent destinations. Benidorm is represented by Hoteles Poseidón. HOSBEC is also involved in this study. jointly Cátedra de Estudios Turísticos "Pedro Zaragoza".

Resultados de la investigación

En la siguiente web se puede consultar el vídeo con los resultados del proyecto.



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