Degree in Business Administration and Management

Total credits: 240
Places offered: 400 places
Credit fee: €14,96 (1st registration); €28,35 (2nd registration); €60,12 (3rd registration); €80,16 (4th and further registrations)
Teaching modality: classroom-based
Language of instruction: Spanish, Valencian and English
Field of study: Social and Legal Sciences
Curriculum published: BOE 22/03/2012
Error correction: BOE 19/04/2012
Faculty involved: Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences
Name of the undergraduate coordinator: Mercedes Úbeda García (
High Academic Performance Group: ARA Group of the Degree in Business Administration  —  +info
Opportunity to earn a dual undergraduate degree: Law+Business Administration, Tourism+Business Administration or Computer Engineering+Business Administration.
Opportunity to combine two undergraduate degrees to earn concurrent degrees in Business Administration+Economics, Business Administration+Marketing.
Opportunity to earn an international dual undergraduate degree in:
Business Administration from the UA and the Northwestern State University (USA) or Business Administration from the UA and the University of North Florida.
Linguistic requirement to obtain the title: A B1 level of a foreign language must be accredited.


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Business Administration and Management     




Preinscripción Grados: Solicitud de plaza para acceder a primero de grado

Fase única: del 21 de junio al 9 de julio (el 9 de julio hasta las 14 horas).