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Research Group on Gender Issues(GI)




Several members of the Research Group in Gender Issues (IG) participate in the International Conference on the Public and Private Realms. Gender, Commitment and Transgression between the 19th and the 21st Centuries. Director: Mónica Moreno Seco Second circular letter

Call for papers: Proposals for communications (250 words and 5 key words max.) will be sent before 20 May 2019 to:

International Conference: Inscriptions


Organised by: Research Project on Gender, Commitment and Transgression in Spain, 1890-2016 (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness- ERDF Funds).

University of Alicante, 23 to 25 October 2019
Alicante City University Venue (Avda. Ramón y Cajal, 4)



Mónica Moreno participated in a Seminar on Crossroads of the Iberian extreme left-wing groups between dictatorship and democracy. Her communication was based on male and female identities in the Spanish extreme left-wing groups of the 70s
Organised by: Institute of Contemporary History of the Universidade Nova in Lisbon.
27-28 June 2019.


Alicante, 28 to 31 March 2019.

Mónica Moreno is a coordinator of a seminar on subjectivity, gender, transgression and methodological issues. 
22 February 2019
Colegio de España. Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
Organised by:
Research Project on Gender, Commitment and Transgression in Spain, 1890-2016 (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. FEM2016-76675-P)
PhD seminar "Féminisme, genre et sexualités dans l'aire hispanique".



From 10 to 14 December 2018
Place: Faculty of Law Graduation Hall Ramón Martín Mateo
Universidad de Alicante


Mónica Moreno participated in an international conference around the events taking place in 68
Barcelona, 29 and 30 November 2018  
El Born Cultural and Memorial Centre. 
Plaça Comercial 12, 08002 Barcelona 




Mónica Moreno Seco is the author of HISTÒRIA. Guies per a una docència universitària amb perspectiva de gènere (HISTORY: guidelines for a university education from a gender perspective) Published by: Vives University Network 2018. ISBN: 978-84-09-05893-8

Several members of the UA Gender Studies Group participated and made contributions at the 4th IUIEG Research Forum on plural masculine and the concept of 'Masculinities" for research purposes.
13 and 14 November 2018
Assembly Hall at the Germán Bernácer building



Mónica Moreno participated in a workshop on women from the late Franco's regime to the beginning of the Spanish transition to democracy
12 November 2018
Buero Vallejo room. University Carlos III of MadridOrganising Committee:
- Research Project on gender, commitment and transgression in Spain, 1890-2016 (FEM2016-76675-P).
-Institute of Historiography "Julio Caro Baroja" (University Carlos III of Madrid)


Mónica Moreno, Bárbara Ortuño and Carlos Martos participated in the14th Contemporary History Association Conference
20-22 September 2018 
University of Alicante 

Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga leads a summer course on gender perspective in secondary education classrooms as a practical application. The course is offered within the University of Alicante Rafael Altamira Summer Programme.
Date: from 9 to 11 July 2018
Place: C/ Puríssima, 57-59. Benissa


Logo_Cátedra Interuniversitaria Memoria Democráica CV

Modesta Salazar Agulló, participates in a seminar on infant theft during the Argentine's (1976-1983) and Spain's (1938-1996) dictatorships

Date: Thursday, 17 May 2018

Time: 11 am to 3 pm.

Place: Faculty of Arts Main Conference Hall (building B - Geography and History). University of Alicante

Organising committee: University of Alicante; Interuniversity Research Chair on the Valencia Region Democratic Memory.
Collaborating entity: Spain's Observatory for Infant Theft -ODFM- (Spain's stolen babies).

Cartel Mayo 68 Mónica Moreno, Carlos Martos and Bárbara Ortuño participated in a seminar on transgression and imagination in May 1968 events
Organised by: Research Project in Gender, Commitment and Transgression in Spain,1890-2016? (Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, FEM2016-76675P); University Institute for Gender Studies Research (IUIEG). Research Group in Gender Issues (IG).
Date: Fridays 4 and 11 May 2018 
Time: 9 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. 
Venue: Faculty of Arts Lecture room GE/2-08M (Geography building).



Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga led the 4th SEMINARIO MODERNAS DE ÉPOCA focused on the feminine body as imaginary in modern times

Date: Friday 23 March 2018

Venue: Faculty of Arts Graduation Hall University of Alicante

Lidia Delicado Moratalla

Lydia Delicado Moratalla has been presented with an award by the journal GenderPlace and Culture, the most prestigious in Feminist Geography (with impact factor: 1.605. 2016)
This is an annual international award aimed at emerging women researchers. PhD. Delicado Moratalla has won this year?s completion with her work: ?Theorizing the Prostitution System from Feminist Geopolitics?, a research work that has been especially appreciated due to its relevance and contribution to the development of this discipline. Also, she has been invited as a guest speaker to present her work to a Feminist Geography conference in Montreal in August, organised by the International Geographical Union.


Cartel Seminario marzo Raza y Género


Nilda Garay Montañez coordinated and participated in a Research seminar on racial discrimination against women in Spanish constitutionalism. Debates from a interdisciplinary perspective

Date: Tuesday 20 March 2018                                                 Time: 10.45 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Venue: Faculty of Law Board Room  

Organised by: Research Project on Research Project Gender and race: subjectivities omitted in Spanish constitutionalism. (GV/2017/168, Valencia Region Department of Education, Research, Culture and Sports (GRE 16-16, University of Alicante); IUIEG. Research Group in Gender Issues (IG).


Discussion of a working paper on Women criminals and myths about female violence in the Spain of the Twenties, written by Adriana Cases Sola.  The text will be commented by José Luis Ledesma, a lecturer at the Complutense University of Madrid, at a session of the Ortega y Gasset University Institute History Seminar.

Date: Thursday 1 March - 7 p.m.

Venue:  Giner de los Ríos Foundation (Institución Libre de Enseñanza), Paseo General Martinez Campos 14-16. Lecture Room 0.2



Bárbara Ortuño Martínez has published her book: "Hacia el hondo bajo fondo... Inmigrantes y exiliados en Buenos Aires tras la Guerra Civil española" Publishing firm: Biblioteca Nueva. Madrid, 2018. ISBN:9788417408008
Index of the book Hacia el hondo bajo fondo...

Nilda Garay and Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga participated in a scientific meeting on human rights' genealogy, gender, human race and constitutionalism (Luces y sombras en la genealogía de los derechos. Género y raza: las subetividades omitidas en el constitucionalismo).
Organised by a research project on gender and human race: subjectivities omitted in constitutionalism
(GV/2017/168, Region of Valencia Department of Education, Research, Culture and Sports, (GRE 16-16, University of Alicante); IUIEG. Collaborating association: Klias.
22 February 2018
Lecture room: DE/0-09M. University of Alicante Faculty of Law.



 Jornada de concienciación sobre la mutilación genital femenina

Modesta Salazar participated in a panel discussion on globalisation and female genital mutilation: gender zenith in the 21st century (within the context of a female genital mutilation awareness day, organised by the Nursing Department, together with the University of Alicante Research Group in Patient Care Culture. 6 February 2018, in the Faculty of Health Sciences Graduation Hall

Cartel Seminario Activistas y RebeldesMónica Moreno, Helena Establier, Adriana Cases and Bárbara Ortuño participated in a seminar on activists and rebels: gender, commitment and transgression in Spain ("Activistas y Rebeldes. Género, Compromiso y Trasgresión en España") organised by the IUIEG, within the Research Project "Gender, Commitment and Transgression in Spain, 1890- 2016 "(Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, FEM2016-76675-P). 29 January 2018. University of Alicante.




La construcción lingüística y discursiva de la violencia de génerocontribution by Mar Galindo Merino to a round-table discussion of women researchers at the UA in the framework of the 3rd Institute for Gender Studies Research Forum: Researching Gender Violence, University of Alicante, Institute for Gender Studies Research, 8 - 9 November 2017.


Mónica Moreno has participated in a conference organised by the Carlos I I University of Madrid "Julio Caro Baroja" Institute of Historiography's History of Women Group titled "MUJERES PELIGROSAS" (Dangerous Women).

30 November and 1 December 2017.


Cartel Jornada 28N 2017Lidia Delicado Moratalla participates on a panel discussion and presentation of the book  "Desaparecidas de la Morgue” by Guadalupe Lizárraga.
28 November 2017. 7 p.m.
Music Hall at Las Cigarreras Cultural Centre.

Mónica Moreno participated in a lecture series on May '68 protests and dictatorships in southern Europe held on 16 and 17 November 2017 at the Humanities building of the Spanish Distance Education University (UNED), Madrid. 


Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga has participated in an International Scientific Meeting on authority and power in the female religious world, 16th-18th centuriesorganised by the San Millán Foundation and the University of La Rioja.
Date: 9 and 10 November 2017.

Imagen libro_ArrillagaBook presentation Al margen y Calladas. Mujeres en la modernidad (2016), coordinated by Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga.

Date: 29 November 2017 - 8 p.m.
Place: Fundación Paurides (C/ Cardenal Cisneros, 1. Elda)
Organised by: UA venue in Elda

Date: 21 November 2017 - 12 noon
Place: Researchers Hall Russell P. Sebold - University of Alicante Faculty of Arts Library (2nd floor).





cada-30-horas_miniModesta Salazar coordinated a projection followed by an open debate on the film ‘Cada 30 horas' . Film director Alejandra Perdomo will participate in the debate. 
Date: 13 November 2017, at 4.30 p.m. 
general-use room at the UA Museum. UA venue in Alicante City. C/San Fernando, nº 40. 

Beatriz Souto Galván has directed and participated in a course on international protection and gender-based violence delivered on Mondays, from 16 October to 6 November 2017. Organised by the University of Alicante Institute for Gender Studies Research (IUIEG).



Jornada protección internacionalBeatriz Souto Galván coordinated a Seminar on international protection against gender-based persecution,  organised by the University of Alicante Faculty of Law that was held on 21 September 2017 at the Faculty of Law Graduation Hall.

Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga leads the 2nd SEMINAR on SPIRITUAL INTELIGENCE AND GENDER. Prophetesses and visionary women in Modern Times.
Tuesday, 7 November at 5 p.m.. University of Alicante Faculty of Arts Graduation Hall.



Congreso Internacional Desde la capital de la República

Adriana Cases Sola participated in the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE DES DE LA CAPITAL DE LA  REPÚBLICA (new perspectives and studies on the Spanish Civil War)
Valencia, 25 to 27 October 2017.
Joan Fuster Hall at the Faculty of Geography and History. University of Valencia

 VII Seminario Internacional AEIHMMónica Moreno has been part of the scientific committee of the 7th AEIHM International Seminar on NEW INSIGHTS INTO TANGIBLE CULTURE AND HISTORY OF WOMEN held on 28 and 29 September 2017 at the Complutense University Faculty of Geography & History in Madrid.


Lydia Delicado Moratalla will give the lecture on women's objectification processes (Los procesos de deshumanización de las mujeres) within the framework of the Seminar on Health, Women and Gender organised by the Health Club of the Alicante City University Venue.
26 September 2017, at 7pm. 
Sede Ciudad de Alicante, c/ San Fernando, 40

 Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga participates in the International Seminar on Women in Modern Times. Culture and Civilisatión Reconsidered. (Entre Mujeres en la Modernidad. Replanteamientos Culturales y de Civilización).

Valladolid, 21 and 22 September 2017.

University of Valladolid Faculty of Arts Graduation Ha



Cartel VIII Congreso Iberoamericano Estudios de GéneroMónica Moreno and Bárbara Ortuño participated in the 13th Spanish Conference on the History of Women.
8th Ibero-American Conference on Gender Studies: "Revolutionary horizons. Voices and bosies in conflict”
, held in Buenos Aires from 24 to 27 July 2017.

M. Mar Galindo Merino took part in: Paper "Contemporary directions in research of gender and study abroad", at the symposium "Contemporary Directions in Study Abroad Research?, The 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA)Innovation and Epistemological Challenges in Applied Linguistics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil, 23 - 28 July 2017.



Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga participated in the Seminar from PhD in History at the University of Seville: Mujeres en la Historia Americana. "Pasado Prehispánico y Época Colonial", with the lecture "Lo divino femenino en la América precolombina: consecuencias tras la conquista". 19 June 2017

ESO en femenino. Cuaderno de trabajo

Fernández Arrillaga, I.; Sanjuán Sanjuán, E.;  Blanco Fernández, M.; Puigcerver Viudes, A.J. University of Alicante Publications, 2017 (June).


Inmaculada Fernádez Arrillaga runs the V Seminario Mujeres de Época. Viajes y viajeras en la modernidad, that will take place on May 26th 2017 at the Graduation Hall of the University of Alicante Faculty of Arts.

como enseñamos la historia de las mujeres


Henar Gallego y Mónica Moreno (eds.), Cómo enseñamos la historia (de las mujeres). Tribute to Amparo Pedregal, Barcelona, Icaria, 2017, ISBN: 978-84-9888-750-1 
Read more


Feminismos 28

«Soy musulmana a mi manera. Religiosidad, espiritualidad y laicismo de las jóvenes estudiantes musulmanas». Research by María Jiménez Delgado published in the review Feminismo/s nº 28 (December 2016, pp. 147-168) of the University of Alicante Institute for Gender Studies Research (IUIEG), it has been relayed in the media.

Source: University news

 "Grans i petites històries dels moviments feministes" by Mar Galindo. Dia internacional de la Dona i per la Igualtat. Association Mariola Violeta, Banyeres de Mariola town hall, 17th March  2017.



 ¿Cómo hablan las mujeres? Discurso femenino y poder

Conference by Mar Galindo:

  • Place: Municipal Public Library of Guardamar del Segura in collaboration with the University of Alicante Office for Culture and Languages Promotion. Guardamar del Segura, 11th May  2017.
  • Senior classes of Eda in collaboration with the University of Alicante Office for Culture and Languages Promotion, Foundation Paurides of Elda, 9th March 2017.
  • International Women's DayCasa de Cultura,  San Juan town all (Alicante), March 8th 2017
  • "IX Jornadas para convivir sin violencia" of the Social Welfare Department Councillorship of the Banyeres de Mariola town hall (Alicante) in collaboration with the University of Alicante Office for Culture and Languages Promotion, Casa de la Cultura of Banyeres de Mariola, November 29th 2016.

Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga taught the lecture "Ser Mujer en la Historia Moderna" (Being a woman in Modern History) on 17 March 2017, at 6.30 pm at the University Venue in La Marina.



Mónica Moreno teaches the lecture"La movilizacion de las mujeres en la Guerra Civil" (Women's mobilisation for the Spanish Civil War) as part of th4e course "MUJERES EN LA GUERRA CIVIL", from 9 to 30 March 2017,at the University venue in Elda. University of Alicante.

Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga will participate in the "Conferencias conmemorativas 8 de marzo. La historia de las mujeres de época Moderna a debate", with the conference Investigando la historia de las mujeres desde la Universidad. And Rosa Tribaldos Soriano with Las mujeres guaraníes en las misiones jesuitas. It will take place on March 11th 2017 at 11:00 am, at the Casa de Cultura de L'Alfàs del Pi.


Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga coordinated the book: Al margen y calladas: mujeres en la modernidad

Mónica Moreno Seco participated in a meeting on Gender, women and Catholicism in contemporary Spain, 
coordinated by Inmaculada Blasco and Ángela Cenarro in Zaragoza on 2 and 3  February, with a talk on identity roles, masculinities in Franco's Catholic Action.


Carmen Vives taught a lecture on gender violence as a public health priority at the UA venue in Alicante on 14 December 2016.



 Adriana Cases Sola has published her book "El género de la violencia. Mujeres y violencias en España (1923 - 1936)", presented with a second award at the University of Malaga 26th Victoria Kent Awards



Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga, member of the Research Group in Gender Issues, has supervised PhD thesis by Rosa Tribaldos Soriano, entitled "Las mujeres guaraníes de los Treinta Pueblos Misioneros de la Compañía de Jesús (siglos XVII-XVIII)". Viva voce date: 11 November 2016.

Mónica Moreno participated a co-narrator at the 13th International Colloquium of the Spanis Association on Women's History Research held in Zaragoza in October 2016.


Mónica Moreno coordinated the Taller 27 "The Dreamers, Género y compromiso juvenil" at the 13 Conference of the Contemporary History Association that was held in Albacete in September 2016.

Helena Establier participated in: GEMELA conference "Forging Links Across Space and Time: Hispanic Women's Cultural Production 1300-1800: "Las poesías ilustradas de María Martínez Abello, o cómo se construye el yo lírico femenino en las postrimerías del siglo XVIII", San Juan (Puerto Rico), 29 Sept-1 Oct, 2016.



Helena Establier participated in: XIX Congreso de la Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas: "Los paratextos de las mujeres en la poética de la tragedia neoclásica: Margarita Hickey y sus Poesías Varias sagradas, morales y profanas o amorosas". Münster (Germany),  11-16 July 2016.

Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga, has supervised PhD thesis by María Carmen Cortés Sempere, entitled: "Las clarisas capuchinas en el Alicante de época moderna: clausura y sociedad". Viva voce date: 17/06/2016



Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga has run the IV Seminario Modernas de Época "De risas veladas y guiños entretenidos". El ocio de las mujeres en la Modernidad". It took place on the 24th May 2016 at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Alicante.

Helena Establier participated in a seminar on: Seminario "Reescrituras de leyendas y mitos históricos españoles en la literatura del siglo XIX": "Las leyendas de P. Sinués: una reflexión sobre la identidad de género desde la novela histórica", Ghent University (Belgium), 20-21 May 2016


Lecture: La investigación feminista desde la Historia Moderna, by Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga. 9 March 2016


Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga, member on Gender Issues, supervised the PhD thesis by Francesc Joan Monjo Dalmau, entitled "Expulsiò, exili i retorn dels jesuïtes del País Valencià (1767-1816)". Viva voce  date: 11 February 2016

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