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Transverse line of technology and health

LTSalud - IUII Transverse line of health technology.


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LTSalud ( Transverse line of health technologies ) of the IUII  aims  get closer relations between research groups of the IUII participating in projects in the field of health informatics, at the time that a work of diffusion of these projects is to establish relationships with other national and international groups.

The line of work focuses on the application of computer science to any aspect of the field of health, from aid to clinical activity through constant monitoring and intelligent systems to the use of translators specialised in medical terms . The relationship between computer science and Health Sciences has been increasing in the last decade, not only in (essential today to manage the clinical histories) management systems but also in more advanced such as telemedicine and remote monitoring.



Digital Health B2B Skype Match 2016

La Enterprise Europe Network organiza un matchmaking event el próximo 9 de marzo para abrir oportunidades a los profesionales de la salud. Las reuniones tendrán lugar a través de Skype, sin necesidad de viajar. La Universidad de Alicante, como socio de EEN-SEIMED y miembro del grupo sectorial de salud, coorganiza este evento.

Fechas clave:

  • Registro: Hasta el 6 de marzo  - Lugar: En su Oficina, solo necesita estar conectado a Skype
  • Selección de entrevistas: Hasta el 6 de marzo - Lengua: Inglés
  • Evento: 9 de marzo 2016 - Hora 11.00am - 3.00pm GMT; 12.00 – 4.00pm CT; 1.00 – 5.00pm EET

Lugar de celebración: Internet

Coste: FREE!

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Published the videos of the conferences of Technologies for the health.

CultureTechnologyScientific DisseminationTI NewsInformation about congresses, courses, lectures...Lectures
Series of lectures "Health technology"

The transverse line of technologies for the health of the University Institute for research in computer science, organizes a cycle of conferences with the aim of promoting their area of knowledge and approach to the entire University community the way in which new technologies are applied in the field of health.

The conferences will take place in the Hall of acts of the EPS-I.

  • November 26 to 13 h. José María Salinas, responsible for the service of computer science of the University Hospital in San Juan. He will give a lecture entitled "Cloud CEIB r & d. Management and extraction of knowledge for bio-images in the cloud".
  • 3 December to 13 h. Alberto Maldonado, senior researcher of the Group of IBIME Biomedical Informatics of the ITACA Institute of Valencia. It will give the lecture entitled "Semantic interoperability of the electronic clinical record".

  • on December 10 to 13 h. Aurelia Bustos, co-founder of Medbravo, oncologist, medical, and software engineer. It will give the lecture entitled "Information technologies applied to clinical research in cancer".

These activities, are open access, limited only by the capacity of the room.


Creation and implementation of the transversal line of health technology.

Start the activities of the transverse line of health technology belonging to the University Institute of research informatics.


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