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University Master's degree in development of applications and web services


Curriculum by course type: compulsory and optional



Optional subjects and paths




Implementation schedule 


Academic year



1st year


Procedure for equivalence recognition, where appropriate, between the current and the new course programme.

Measures have been taken to ensure credit equivalence recognition for subjects taken on the previous Official Master’s Degree in Web Application and Service Development. It should be borne in mind that due to continual technological advances in this field, changes and modifications may be introduced into the new Master’s Degree course. In the event of this affecting credit equivalence of subjects taught on the former programme, the Master’s Academic Commission will decide on the specific credit equivalence procedure.


Studies being phased out and replaced by the proposed degree course: 

This Master’s Degree proposal implies the discontinuation of the former “Official Master’s Degree in Web Application and Service Development”, approved by Royal Decree 56/2005. The new Master’s degree course spans one academic year; thus, the former programme will come to an end in 2009-2010.