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University Master's degree in Academic Staff of Secondary Education and High School, Vocational Training and Language teaching


Admission profile

Este máster está dirigido a quien esté en posesión de un TÍTULO UNIVERSITARIO OFICIAL ESPAÑOL o extranjero y que desee dedicarse a la docencia no universitaria.


Entrance requirements

According to the Regulations of the University of Alicante, the following requirements must be complied to have access to official taught Master’s degrees:

  1. To be in possession of a SPANISH OFFICIAL GRADUATE DEGREE CERTIFICATE or other issued by an institution of higher education  within the EHEA (European Higher Education) that enables the holder to have access  to Master’s degrees in the issuing.
  2. To be in possession of an officially approved  FOREIGN HIGHER EDUCATION DEGREE CERTIFICATE that had been recognised as equal to the degree that allows access to the requested studies.
  3. To be in possession of a UNIVERSITY DEGREE CERTIFICATE obtained in a University or Higher Education Institution of COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE EHEA, without the prior approval of their studies. In this case, the following should be considered:
    • Non- recognised degree certificates shall require a technical report showing an equivalence statement issued by the University of Alicante (ContinUA – Continuing Education Centre), for which the corresponding fee should be paid.
    • Access through this way does under no circumstances imply prior official approval of the holder’s degree certificate, nor its recognition for purposes other than studying a master's degree.


Admission criteria

According ECI/3858/2007 Order of 27 December, establishing the requirements for verification of official university degrees that qualify for the professional practice of Professor of Secondary Education , Vocational Education and Training of Languages in BOE n º 312, of 29 December, in section 4.2 are conditions for access to the Master:
  • " The accreditation of mastery of skills relating to the specialization you want to pursue , by conducting a test designed for the purpose by the universities , which are exempt who are in possession of any university degrees that correspond to specialization chosen . "
  • " There will also be credited mastering a foreign language equivalent to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, in accordance with Recommendation No. R (98 ) 6 of the Committee of Ministers to Member States of 17 October 2000.

Thus, and as specified in the preceding paragraph, the Master shall direct access when the alleged Title for entry corresponds to the chosen specialty . In the event that the student requests that a different specialty / s with which you can demonstrate a mastery of skills relating to the specialization you want to pursue :

  1. You must submit their qualifications to the study of the Academic Committee will determine the suitability of the alleged qualification for the specialty requested , if deemed suitable, you can access this specialty.
  2. If a qualification is not suitable for access to a specialty, then the applicant student must perform a specific test designed and coordinated by the corresponding pass from the Academic Committee .

To access the Master the student must demonstrate mastery of a equivalent to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ( ECI/3858/2007 Order of 27 December, BOE 312 of December 29, 2007 ) foreign language. Failure to demonstrate this level of proficiency in the foreign language , the student must submit proof thereof , coordinated by the Academic Committee .

For specialty of the Master with limited number of places , and it is a teaching that enables to practice, students will be selected by the Coordinating Committee , based on the average grade point of Bachelor Degree by accessing the Master. Should not be allowed in the specialty requested as preferred students can access other specialties , well for those who are accredited by their degree or which can be accessed by performing the accreditation test.

As stated in RD 1393/2007 of 29 October, on the organization of official university studies are established in Article 17.3 thereof, in the case of students with special educational needs arising from a disability , it is necessary for part of the Academic Committee meet the needs arising from the disability and to assess the need for possible curricular adaptations , and alternative pathways of the same studies and have any adjustments spaces and access to them , if it was necessary.

The Academic Committee clearly stipulating the criteria for access to the course. These criteria will be public and will be exhibited at the official website of the master during the application period . In case of refusal of admission, the Commission explicitly specify the cause.


Pre-registration and registration

Pre-registration +info

Students who intend to study for an officially recognised Master’s Degree at the UA should complete pre-enrolment in accordance with the guidelines and deadlines specified annually.

Pre-registration will be exclusively carried out online by filling in the form available for this purpose.

All the information regarding the admissions process can be found at the Applications Master's Degrees web page.

The results of the admissions process can be consulted by accessing the Status of applications.

Please note that you will need the reference number of your last pre- registration, which was sent to you in a confirmation email for this purpose.


Registration +info


Following publication of the final list of those admitted to the course, an email containing a user password will be sent to successful applicants, enabling them to enrol via the Campus Virtual in accordance with the guidelines and deadlines specified annually.

In the registration process, the documents issued abroad must be official, duly notorised and translated. Further information:



Number of places

2012-13 900
2013-14 500
2014-15 500
2015-16 500
2016-17 500
2017-18 500
2018-19 500
2019-20 500
2020-21 500


Credit recognition and transfer

La Comisión de Reconocimientos de la Facultad de Educación acuerda en su reunión del 1 de diciembre de 2015 que no procede en ningún caso el reconocimiento de asignaturas de nivel de máster por asignaturas superadas en una titulación de nivel de grado, ya que se tratan de estudios de nivel diferente y que corresponden a objetivos y descriptores diferentes, tal y como se establece en el RD 1396/2007(modificado por el RD 86/2010) y por el Marco Español de Cualificaciones para la Educación Superior (MECES) establecido en el RD 1027/2011.

Por otro lado y también en virtud de estos mismos decretos no procederá el reconocimiento de asignaturas de nivel de máster por asignaturas superadas en un primer ciclo de licenciatura o diplomaturas ya que se trata de estudios de niveles diferentes con objetivos y descriptores diferentes. 

Reconocimientos para licenciados en Pedagogía y Psicopedagogía en la especialidad de Orientación educativa

La Comisión de Reconocimiento y Transferencia de Créditos y Evaluación de Expedientes de la Facultad de Educación informa que, las solicitudes de reconocimiento de créditos en el Máster en Profesorado de Educación Secundaria, especialidad de Orientación Educativa, del alumnado que esté en posesión de los títulos oficiales de Licenciatura en Pedagogía o de Licenciatura en Psicopedagogía, se resolverán teniendo en cuenta la Circular informativa de 14 de julio de 2010 de la Dirección General de Formación Profesional y de la Dirección General de Política Universitaria del Ministerio de Educación, y la Circular informativa de 3 de noviembre de 2011 de la Dirección General de Política Universitaria del Ministerio de Educación.

Por esta razón, dicha Comisión reunida el 5 de octubre de 2015, al entender que este alumnado tiene las competencias superadas con su licenciatura completa, acuerda realizar el reconocimiento de las asignaturas del máster (exceptuando el TFM). En estos reconocimientos se indica como origen todo el estudio anterior y como calificación en las asignaturas del máster la nota media de su expediente de licenciatura en base 10 (acuerdo aprobado por Junta de la Facultad de Educación de 12 de noviembre de 2015).

Una vez aplicados los reconocimientos, el alumnado sólo tendrá que realizar el TFM.