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CNEAI: Specific criteria approved for each one of the fields of evaluation.

Published in the BOE.

DECREE 93/2017, of 14 July
Conselleria Of Justice, Public Administration,
Democratic reforms and Public Freedoms
DECREE 93/2017, of 14 July, of the Consell, by which modifies the Decree 186/2014, of 7 November, of the Consell, by which regulates the system of professional career horizontal and the evaluation of the exert of the personal civil servant of career of the Administration of the Generalitat and establishes the procedure of adaptation to the new system of professional career.
ORDER 12/2017

ORDER 12/2017 12/2017 Conselleria of Justice, Public Administration, Democratic Reforms and Public Freedoms, by which approve the scales of application to the contests of merits.

DECREE 61/2017

Conselleria Of Education Investigation, culture and Decporte.

DECREE 61/2017, of 12 May, of the Consell by which regulate the uses institutions and officials of the official tongues in the Administration of the Generalitat.

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Already it has published in the page of Gestión of Personal all the relative information to the system of the professional career that will apply in the UA, can access through these links.

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