CODI DEL CURS: 19-0003


María Tabuenca, Javier Fernández Molina i Dolores Miralles Alberola, Dept. d'Innovació i Formació Didàctica, Universitat d'Alacant.

Lorraine Joanna Kerslake Young. Dpto. de Filologia Anglesa. Universitat d'Alacant.


This course is part of the itinerari of formation of the Program of Formation for the Education in English-I3CE (ProF-tEAchIng-I3CE) of the University of Alicante


Participants must have at least an upper intermediate level of proficiency (B2) in the English language, having priority those that have done the Prof-teaching Course 1. Digital and linguistic tools for EMI teacher and Course 2. English Medium-Instruction (EMI): Reflections, Awareness and Practice (RAP)


  1. To reflect on one’s own teaching methods and strategies in teaching EMI classes through self-assessment and peer assesment.
  2. To demonstrate fluency of English in a specific content subject and a B2-C1 Level of general English.
  3. To be able to enquire about students’ learning difficulties and help solve them in EMI courses.
  4. To achieve content course learning objectives in EMI courses
  5. To be able to volunteer to teach EMI courses in a specific area.
  6. To demonstrate written fluency of the Language for course programs.


  • Phase 1
    • Designing and writing course programs. The language for stating: objectives, competences, methodology, contents and assessment.
    • Activity: Students review one of their course programmes.
  • Phase 2
    • Peer observation of teaching: attendance to two lectures given by two different professors in the field of speciality from the respective faculties. Mentors.
    • Activity: Online reflection on the observation (guided questions and open observation).
  • Phase 3
    • Observation, feedback and assessment. In small groups, each participant delivers a 20 minute mini-lecture/presentation in their own field of speciality. This activity must be planned in advance and visual aids may be used. After the lecture, the participant may be asked questions. The lecture is video-taped, rubrics are used for assessment and feedback is given.
    • A previously organised calendar of dates will be made available for this activity.

Session Plan


This workshop, which will be held in English, will make use of varying class dynamics (i.e. pair work, group work, interactive lectures, and tasks). Participants are expected to be actively involved and to put the learned communication strategies into practice. 


Active participation during, at least, 80% of class time, active participation on the online module and the completion of the required assignments/activities.


Durada: 20 hores (13,5 presencials i 6,5 no presencials).

Modalitat: mixt.

Nombre de places: 20, atorgades per rigorós ordre d'entrada del formulari d'inscripció en línia habilitat en aquesta pàgina dins de cadascun dels col·lectius als quals prioritàriament vagen dirigits els cursos i el Pla d'Igualtat de la UA.

Llengua vehicular: anglès.

Termini d'inscripció: del 21, a partir de les 9.30 hores, al 27 de gener.


Dates, horari i lloc de realització:



L'ICE comunicarà a través de correu electrònic a totes les persones inscrites a partir del 28 de gener l'admissió o no en el curs que hagen sol·licitat.

Aquelles persones que, en cas de no assistir al curs, no ho comuniquen a la Secretaria de l'ICE abans que comence, no podran participar en cap curs organitzat per aquest Institut l'any en curs.