#MoocVT: Technology intelligence-driven innovation PENSEMONLINE

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#MoocVT: Technology intelligence-driven innovation

Descripció del curs: The main objective of this MOOC is to support entrepreneurs, companies and researchers in embrace technological intelligence practices in their innovation processes. How to apply a systematic and methodological strategy for: identify information needs within a project, where to search, which techniques and tools to use and how to be effective in transforming information into useful knowledge for decision making.
Equip docent:

Patricio Martínez Barco (Coordinador)

Departament Llenguatges i Sistemes Informàtics

Universitat d'Alacant

Modalitat MOOC
Durada 40 hores / 6 setmanes
Estat Obert
Dates Del 31 de juliol al 31 de maig de 2019
Observacions  Idioma vehicular: anglès


Curs creat a partir de la convocatòria PENSEM-ONLINE