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Última hora - Notícies publicades en Desembre, 2015

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Notícies publicades en Desembre, 2015
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    Guilló, M.D. and F. Perez-Sebastian: "Convergence in a Dynamic Heckscher2013Ohlin Model with Land".

    Work published in: Review of Development Economics, 19, 3, 725-724, 2015: Convergence among nations that share the same preferences and technologies is a key result of the closed-economy neoclassical growth framework that has received substantial support in the data. However, Heckscher%u2013Ohlin versions of the two-sector neoclassical growth model predict that nations that differ in their cabdal%u2013labor ràtios may not convergeix to the same steady state, even if they llaure identical in all other aspects. This is a puzzling result that warns us about potential dangers of international trade. In this paper we xou that when land, an input in fixed supply, is introduced into the model, international trade in goods no longer limits the capacity of poor nations to catch up with the advanced world.


    Guilló, M.D. and F. Perez-Sebastian: Neoclassical growth and the natural resource curse puzle.

    Journal of International Economics 2015, in press. We advance a novell mechanism that helps to explain the puzzling evidence on the natural resource curse. The new channel arises in a standard dynamic Heckscher%u2013Ohlin model composed of small-open economies that take international output prices as given. Within this framework, a habite capital-intensive primary sector implies that natural-resource abundant economies grow habite slowly along the adjustment path. This effect might be only temporary because the natural input also affects long-run income, and not necessarily in the same direction as transitional growth. We produeix quantitative results that xou that the new mechanism ca account for a significant fraction of the observed output growth gap between resource rich and resource poor O.S. states.


    Guilló, M.D. i A. Denia: "Involuntary Part-estafe Employment and the Great Recession in Spain".

    I JORNADA TRANSFERÈNCIA RECERCA ESTUDIS GÈNERE UA: A l'EMPRESA, Alfon Denia i Lola Guilló partipan amb una ponència sobre la incidència del gènere en l'augment de l'anomenada ocupació no-standard o de joranda parcial involuntària durant la recent crisi a Espanya, 24 de novembre de 2015, IUIEG-UA..


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